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Homebuilder Simon Boersma kicks off Morinville mayoral race

Boersma wants to push for better tax policy, development of the town's assets.
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Homebuilder Simon Boersma is the first to throw his hat in the Morinville race. ROBYN MARTIN/Photo

Morinville’s race for mayor has officially begun now that a local homebuilder has put his name on the ballot. 

Simon Boersma is the first person to officially run for mayor in the Morinville municipal election Oct. 18. He filed his nomination papers May 26.  

Boersma, 59, is the owner of Pleasant Homes and has lived in Morinville since 2006. He has one son.  

Boersma said he decided to run for office to help address many of the ongoing problems he sees in Morinville. He criticized council’s penchant for lengthy in-camera meetings and years of fruitless intergovernmental negotiations. 

“We are running a massive deficit, which really bothers me,” he said, and there’s constant talk about whether or not the town needs to raise taxes.  

“We need to have some straight talk with our residents.”  

Boersma said he would introduce a “common sense” tax plan to address the town’s deficit if elected, the details of which he hoped to work out in the coming months in consultation with residents. He would encourage the development of the town’s industrial, commercial, and residential assets, particularly day cares; foster an environment of inclusivity; and encourage more transparent communication with businesses on tax plans. 

A longtime volunteer, Boersma has previously smuggled Bibles and other necessities into Eastern Bloc nations with the nonprofit Eastern European Mission; built halfway houses for youth in Romania; and constructed stoves and water systems in Sudan, El Salvador, and Nicaragua with the Flying Doctors of Canada.  

Boersma was a past president of the Rotary Club of Morinville and currently serves on the club’s LAV III monument committee. He also serves as an area governor with Rotary District 5370. Boersma was president of the Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce for about five years.  

Boersma said he plans to have pop-up events around town this summer to talk to residents about their concerns. 

“I do believe in community and I’ve always been transparent about things,” he said, when asked why people should vote for him. 

Boersma is the only declared candidate for mayor in Morinville as of May 30. Mayor Barry Turner has said he plans to run again, but has yet to file his nomination papers. 

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