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Retired project management professional Mike Killick makes bid for council

A sixth St. Albert resident has joined the race for councillor in the upcoming municipal election this fall.
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Mike Killick hopes to bring his experience in project management to St. Albert City Hall if elected councillor October 18.

A sixth St. Albert resident has joined the race for councillor in the upcoming municipal election this fall. 

Before retiring, Mike Killick worked in project management for the telecommunications industry. Now, running for city council, he said he hopes to bring a “much stronger financial perspective” amid a decrease in provincial funding and post-pandemic recovery costs.

“It will be critical to scrutinize the budget to look for any saving opportunities this year,” Killick said. “I’m new to politics, but I have a lot of business experience.” 

As someone who has frequently addressed council over the years on projects including the city’s former municipal utility corporation and the Riverbank Landing development, Killick said he wants to work toward increasing communication between the city and electors. 

“There’s got to be better transparency to voters,” Killick said. “We really need to understand the financials before making decisions, whether that’s new revenue opportunities, or the upcoming budget.”

Killick said though opinions may differ between council and administration — and within council itself — he believes collaboration will be essential to moving forward on city projects. 

“There are full-time employees at the city that have been working at the city for 10 years or more,” Killick said “We’re going to need strong teamwork to continue to make St. Albert run, and I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to be a part of that as a councillor.”

The 31-year resident said working to address traffic issues such as congestion on St. Albert Trail, and the completion of Ray Gibbon Drive, would also be his priority if elected. 

“Traffic is a common theme when I talk to St. Albertans,” Killick said. “It will be a priority for me to focus on making a comprehensive plan to address the highest-priority traffic issues around the city.”

A father of two children who participated in sports and community activities such as hockey and swimming while growing up, Killick said recreation facilities are very important to him. 

“St. Albert is such a great place to live, with great communities,” Killick said. “We need to look at new ways to either find partnerships or funding opportunities so we can grow our recreation and sport facilities when the population grows.”

Killick said great recreation facilities, alongside great schools, and passionate residents, are important aspects of living in St. Albert. He added that one of his goals would be to attract new business to the city, especially in the Lakeview Business District. 

“We’ve got to evaluate how we can grow the tax base and not just increase the tax rate,” Killick said. “Encouraging business to come to St. Albert is an important part of that. In Lakeview, we’ve spent money servicing that land, so now we really need to push hard to attract business to come in.”

St. Albertans will head to the polls on Oct. 18.

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