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Stephen Dafoe aims for re-election in Morinville

Rules out bid for mayor’s chair
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RUNNING AGAIN — Incumbent Morinville Coun. Stephen Dafoe said Aug. 13 that he would run in the 2021 municipal election. If elected, it would be his third term in office. KEVIN MA/St. Albert Gazette

A Morinville media magnate and Knights Templar enthusiast will let his name stand for re-election to town council this fall — but as councillor, not mayor. 

Morinville Coun. Stephen Dafoe filed his papers to run in the Fall 2021 municipal election Aug. 13, becoming the second incumbent to formally put his name on the ballot. 

First elected in 2013, Dafoe, 59, has lived in Morinville with his wife Bonnie since 2006 and has previously served with the town’s chamber of commerce, library board, and Morinville Jets hockey team. These volunteer efforts later earned him the town’s Unsung Hero and Collaboration awards. Dafoe runs Pawn Marketing and Publishing, which operates the news site Morinville Online, and has written several books on the Knights Templar

Dafoe said he decided to file his papers early (Nomination Day was Sept. 20) to address speculation that he might run for mayor.  

“I think I could do the job of mayor,” he said, but it would be a full-time job, which was a commitment he did not want to make so close to retirement. 

Dafoe said he decided to stand for re-election as councillor because he loved his community, especially when he got to help someone with an issue with the town. 

“I think there’s some changes that need to be made, and I think the community needs a voice at the table that is not afraid to ask the hard questions.” 

Dafoe said his background in journalism helped him make objective, fact-based decisions on council. 

“It doesn’t matter what Dafoe thinks. It’s what is going to serve the community well.” 

Dafoe pointed to his work in convincing Sturgeon County to ramp up its contributions to local recreation as one of his main accomplishments last term. He also lobbied to spend part of the town’s Municipal Stimulus Program money to add curb-extensions to 100 Ave., which should improve pedestrian safety in town once installed later this year. He also chaired the Northern Lights Library System, the Roseridge Waste Management Services Commission, and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board’s solid waste collaborative.  

If re-elected, Dafoe said he wanted to address the “bedroom community mentality” growing in town and improve volunteerism and engagement, possibly through better use of community gatherings and block parties. 

“I still think we spend too much on consultants,” he continued, and he called on council to take a hard look at its expenditures.  

Dafoe said he hoped voters would see his consistent track record for addressing their questions and concerns as a reason to back him again.  

“I say what I mean, and I mean what I say,” he said.  

Dafoe was the fourth person to declare his intentions for the 2021 Morinville election. Also running were current Mayor Barry Turner, mayoral candidate Simon Boersma, and council candidate Alan Otway. 

Visit for details on the election. 

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