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Plastering, landscaping, and gut-sensitive meals

Smoothing out surfaces 

Curt Suchy practiced drywalling and plastering in Edmonton for 20-plus years, but once he moved back to St. Albert, 90 per cent of CNT Drywall and Plaster's contracts ended up within city limits. 

The 1997 Bellerose High graduate apprenticed in NAIT’s Lather and ISM program, eventually working at G R Byer and Associates. Earning his stripes from apprentice to field supervisor, Suchy handled numerous jobs around the region including heritage projects at the Little White School and the Grain Elevators. 

Three years ago, after 20 years of service with G R Byer, Suchy created CNT, based in Edmonton. Six months ago, he shifted headquarters and he hung up his shingle in St. Albert. The home-based business specializes in both residential and commercial drywall, plaster, and stucco renovations. 

“At the moment I’m doing a commercial project — a condo building in Mission. It’s my anchor project for the winter,” said Suchy. 

Although exterior jobs have slowed for the winter, he continues to fill contracts for interior work. 

“I want to keep growing. I have six employees and I’d like to keep it at that or double in size. I certainly don’t want to shrink.” 

As with every other businessman, he’s keeping a close eye on the disruption of supply chains, higher prices, and inflation. 

“Everything has gone up. We just have to be more efficient.” 

CNT can be contacted at 780-919-6011. 

Edging the landscaping market 

If you’re a woman, it’s tough to crack the construction trades, however Jamie Minshull has tackled it for about 25 years. 

“I struggled being a woman in an industry where workers are 90 to 95 per cent men. I felt I had to work harder than a man. Men receive automatic respect, but I had to prove myself,” Minshull said. 

Founder of LandCo Earthworks and Consulting, the St. Albert businesswoman grounds her specialties in residential lot grading and landscaping. Minshull has also built a reputation designing landscaping for show homes. In addition, she has a small market-share building fences and decks, removing snow, surveying, and hardscaping (retaining walls and patios). 

A Paul Kane High graduate, Minshull first received a taste of construction while employed as a warranty manager for a couple of builders. In 2009, she was offered a position with a grading company. 

“I worked my way through the company, and when the company shut down, I started my own business.” 

Combining administration with on-site visits, Minshull functions as a liaison between the contractor and six crews supplying diverse trades. In addition, she employs three office staff through her home-based business. 

“We had an office, but with COVID, everyone is working remotely. My three employees work remotely and they’re perfectly happy working from home.” 

Landco is available at 780-289-8525. 

Food for gut sensitivities 

Borrowing from her own experiences, Carmen Duchesneau is creating Power Plated Meals, a home business dedicated to providing healthy and nutritious meals for people with food sensitivities. 

“I design recipes and provide ready-made meals that support digestion and gut health,” said the St. Albert businesswoman. 

Since childhood, Duchesneau suffered from health-related issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and esophagitis, an inflammation that may damage tissues in the esophagus. 

“Basically, I had a lot of pain.” 

After trying every diet on the market, a physician introduced her to the concept of cooking with whole foods. His encouragement was backed by Paul Pitchford’s Healing with Whole Foods

“It opened my eyes. It was based on the Chinese system and how they view whole foods. The recipes the book contained were not interesting, but it solidified my belief in sticking to the basics. Don’t buy canned goods or condiments. Keep your diet simple. I try to keep it clean with fresh, wholesome ingredients.” 

After researching various diets on the market, Duschesneau created a variety of recipes that eliminate discomfort developed from eating. Her globally-inspired cuisine adapts recipes borrowed from Asian, Middle Eastern, and North American comfort food. 

She launched her website the last week of October and will offer a rotating menu in several weeks. Power Plated Meals is not only designed to assist individuals affected by gut disorders. 

“Family is very important to me. I come from a large family. When someone has a food sensitivity, a lot of people feel obligated to make food for them. I’m trying to make dishes everyone can enjoy and not feel negatively impacted.” 

Call 780-470-0119 for more information.  


A Scotiabank Money Habits survey released Oct. 28 states Canadians are rethinking how they spend their money. The survey interviewed 1,500 people across the country. It concluded that 63 per cent of Canadians do not plan to return to pre-pandemic spending levels, 53 per cent plan to cut back on spending, and 55 per cent are expecting their ability to save money will decrease. 

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