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Missing Car Keys

I was in St. Albert looking for employment opportunities so I was submitting my resume to different companies.

The areas that I went to in St. Albert are:
1. 30 Green Grove Dr.
2. 156 St. Albert Trail
3. 7 St. Anne St.
4. 17 Kirkwood Drive
5. 5 Giroux Road
6. 1 Carswell St.
7. 200 Carnegie Drive
8. 22 Sir Winston Churchill
9. 50 St. Thomas St.
10. 39 St. Thomas St.
11. 22 Perron St.
12. Edmonton Public Library - Meadowlark, Edmonton

I may have dropped it in the parking lot area and may have been picked up by people outside.

If you have found it, please help me out as I cannot afford to have it replaced especially with the expensive tag.

My details are in the picture attached here.

Thank you.

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