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St. Albert Exhibits

Art Gallery of Alberta

Goddesses of Creation: Spiritual Traditions of Hindu India

She is devouring, ferocious, and awe-inspiring. She is nurturing, tender and benevolent. In Hinduism the Goddess ( Shakti ) enacts the cycle of creation as envisioned by the Gods Vishnu and Shiva.
Art Gallery of Alberta

Marigold Santos: SURFACE TETHER

The scenes in this exhibition represent emotional and social landscapes rather than identifiable places. The works are meant to reflect and project human experience on to the natural environment. The
Alberta Craft Gallery


On its base level the portrait can convey the likeness of a person in physicality, personality, or even mood. From traditional beading by Sharon Rose Kootenay Cherweniuk to Micah Adams’
Art Gallery of Alberta

another Landscape show

another Landscape show redefines the standard collection exhibition through a collaborative curatorial approach. The four newly-appointed curators bring their unique points of view and practice to
Art Gallery of Alberta

Boarder X

Boarder X features new work by Indigenous artists that use snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing to demonstrate knowledge and relationships to the land. The artwork reflects cultural, political,
Art Gallery of Alberta

Vernon Ah Kee: cantchant

Referencing the 2005 Cronulla race riots that took place near Sydney, Australia, cantchant provides a compelling statement on the racially motivated conflicts between white Australians and more
Art Gallery of Alberta

StretchMark: A New Chapter Acquisition Project

The third in a series of four exhibitions featuring works by contemporary Indigenous, First Nations, Inuit and Metis artists, newly acquired for the AGA’s collection, StretchMark explores