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Manager, Audience Acquisition and Engagement

Great West Media, L.P.

Manager, Audience Acquisition and Engagement

Our story:
News is our business. With nine robust websites, eight weekly print publications, one monthly publication and several niche publications, our combined audience reach throughout Alberta is over 700,000 per month and growing. We’re happy with our continued progress, but we need you to put our progress on growth hormones (the healthy kind).

Our goal:
Over the last several years, Great West Media has been steadily adding to its digital DNA. Our digital arm, Great West Digital, is a wholistic marketing company offering complete digital solutions to our customers – including highly engaging and customized products. When applied in tandem with our print publications, the one-two punch is undeniable. As our audience grows, the opportunities become even more exciting. We are only limited by imagination. That’s where you come in: We need you to build our audience by working with our journalists, our media sales specialists and our digital agency to grow our audience, increase our engagement with them, and recognize the bonus opportunities that comes with that success: recognizing endless marketing possibilities and revenue-generating ideas. You will be the straw that stirs this tantalizing elixir.

How will you do it?
You will have more than enough resources and expertise at your disposal, but the key to success is using them while effectively collaborating with others. You will need to put your journalism hat on when talking to our newsrooms. You’ll need to exchange that hat for a marketing and advertising cap when you’re discussing possibilities with our ad departments. The wizard/tech/web hat will come in handy when you’re working with our digital agency and dreaming up effective digital campaigns. It’s up to you to put your stamp on this amazing opportunity. You will be given the reins to be creative, to strategize with our staff and customize solutions as you build our audience and seek the resulting revenue opportunities. You can’t score goals if you don’t take shots.

Job description:
As our Manager, Audience Acquisition and Engagement, you will need to possess the brain of a writer and a marketer. Some say we’re looking for a unicorn; in fact, we’re looking for you. Experience with SEO and social media marketing are a must. ​You're a journalist at heart and know how to engage your readers. Your written and verbal communication skills are exceptional. Your ability to think critically and creatively knows no bounds. You take the initiative because, well, you like to, and you like to get things done. You’re a chameleon who can speak the lingo of any department.

The Manager, Audience Acquisition and Engagement, will report to the President of Great West Media, and support marketing and journalism initiatives across our organization. Specific duties include:

  • Develop and execute digital strategies that align with our primary goal (see above).
  • Work with our newsrooms to engage directly with the communities we cover through community-centered engagement models, including surveys, focus groups and social media outreach. This could involve reaching our community in different ways – directly, through our newsletter, or on social media. As our newsrooms continue to expand their portfolio beyond print, you will help them devise ways to reach our audience through audio and video as well.
  • Membership has its privileges. Explore membership models where our readers can engage with our content and enjoy the perks of being a member of our online community. Perks and special treatment equal loyal readers. Your imagination and marketing skills will lead you to the promised land.
  • Content management best practices: ​Help our newsrooms develop and execute strategies to ensure numerous content posts per day, per website. How can you help our journalists be all stars online? This builds an audience and revenue opportunities.
  • Building relationships with our journalists and publishers is a must.
  • You are our social media guru. Building and finessing social media strategies is critical to audience engagement and growth. You can’t do it alone; you will need the help of our newsrooms, ad departments and digital agency.
  • Devise monthly targeted acquisition and brand content strategies across Great West Media’s digital channels.
  • Contests – who doesn’t like to win? Contests build audience, brand recognition and brand loyalty. How creative are you?
  • Work closely with our Digital Director to analyze digital analytics and implement strategies for our newsrooms and advertising departments based on analytical results.


  • A proven track record in journalism.
  • 4+ years of digital media experience.
  • Proficiency in major social media platforms.
  • Desire to innovate and strategize new media opportunities.
  • Highly collaborative and ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong attention to detail and organization.
  • Ability to multitask and ‘fit in’ with various departments and corresponding goals.
  • Analytical – passionate about data and performance metrics.
  • Recognizing, developing and implementing marketing opportunities as they arise.
  • Taking advantage of continuous educational opportunities in this burgeoning and ever-changing space.

This position presents endless growth opportunities for the right person. Attitude, critical thinking and imagination are the foundations of success for this position. If you possess these and more, we want to hear from you. Grow with us and expand your horizons.

To apply, please send your resume and cover via email to [email protected] with subject: Manager, Audience Acquisition and Engagement.

This position will remain open until a suitable candidate has been found.

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