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Not all platform promises add up

So many candidates, so many ideas. What's a voter to do? With advance polling stations opening Thursday, now is the time to do your homework on the candidates and gauge where they stand on the issues.

Plebiscites could be the way of future

In our system of representative democracy, government is carried out through legislators elected by the people. The role of the people goes no further than selecting representatives to govern them.

Freaky-looking people aren't the freaks

Remember that show The Addams Family? It was about a family who seemed to live Halloween every day of the year.

Nutritional math doesn't add up

On a recent visit to my doctor, she pointed out that I now weigh more than the SUV I drive, and while her comments were very subtle, I believe I sensed she was suggesting I should consider losing a few pounds.

Council tinkering prolongs pain

The debate over 70 Arlington Dr. has come to a head now that council has rezoned the property and green-lighted the 24-unit affordable housing project. That’s all true except for the part about the project getting the green light.

Election won't be another snoozer

This time three years ago St. Albert voters were lulled to sleep.

We should all live as citizens of the world

Samuel Huntington predicted not long after the Cold War had ended, there would be a clash of civilizations, namely the Western world vs. Confucianism and Islam. In the light of the anniversary of the Sept.

Getting in line with line-ups

Condensation on morning windows, leaves changing colour and diminishing daylight are clear signs that autumn is only a few frosts away.

Candidate bloggers fail to engage

For anyone keeping track, it's T-minus 40 days until the election. You know, the municipal variety. As of this writing, 16 candidates have stepped forward in the hunt for the mayor's chair or one of six council seats.

People, not possessions, matter most

It’s called “oniomania” and it’s a disorder that afflicts far more people than you might imagine. No it doesn’t refer to fanatics of Onoway, but rather the craving to acquire possessions.