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Moral bylaw goes too far

Cities have no shortage of bylaws to establish common goals and protect the public good.

The agony of Winston Churchill

Sir Henry Tizard was an Oxford educated physical chemist, mathematician and inventor. His work on the composition of fuels led to the octane numbers that are used today with gasoline.

Injured veterans deserve more than cheap buyouts

“I have led my ragamuffins where they are peppered: there’s not three of my hundred and fifty left alive; and they are for the town’s end, to beg during life.

Remembering a great civic debater

It takes a certain type of person to endure a day’s worth of newspaper deadlines and stresses only to retreat home to the tube for four hours of live city council meetings.

Don't let emotions curtail freedom

The United States is a nation built on freedom. When the French exercised their ‘freedom’ to refrain from invading another country, Americans exercised their own ‘freedom of speech’ to say nasty things about the French.

You decide, from knowledge

I can think of few traits worse than slothful ignorance. Ignorance is far beyond stupidity, imbecilic, feather-brained or clueless because, amazingly, ignorance can be cured and yet few seek remedy.

The road woes just don't stop

Many years ago, there was a popular song about a man riding the rails in Boston, a man who “never returned and his fate is still unlearned.

DARP isn't a dirty word

A vote in favour of downtown redevelopment next week will be the ruin of St.

More prisons don't make Canadians safer

Canadians should be jubilant because we live in a safe country with an ‘official’ crime rate that is decreasing. All of that taxpayers’ money invested in policing and the justice system has paid off.

Don't sweat the dog days of summer

Listen — do you hear them barking in the still of night? They are definitely here. The dog days of August have been released from the puppy mill and are now making their way towards fire hydrants everywhere.