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Know the facts about travel insurance

Travel insurance in simplified terms is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, financial and other losses incurred while travelling in Canada and abroad.

All power to the principal

Dave Hancock, our minister of education, was on CBC Radio the other day talking about special needs students.

Arlington Drive up in the air despite vote

For a public hearing, Monday's Arlington Drive session had it all. Sizeable crowd? Check. An engaged, and at times emotional public ready to speak its mind? Check.

Poor taste has nothing to do with the food

In the past while, the normally placid byway of oral storytelling has been enlivened by public salvos on the issue of taste and censorship. Several years ago a group began running “Story Slams” at a south-side Edmonton restaurant.

Infamous letter brings back memories

I want to discuss the sentiment that a St. Albert couple expressed in an April 3 letter to the Gazette. Remember, the one about the Habitat for Humanity development in Akinsdale? The letter asserted that, currently, St.

Dominant communicators need not apply

Recently, we decided we required additional staff in our office to manage the ever-increasing sales volumes. This prompted us to run ads requesting resumes from suitable applicants.

Council shouldn't throw away industrial plans

St. Albert’s effort to right the property tax ship by creating a new industrial park has run aground, or in this case, sunk in a muddy creek.

Guinness goes gaming

In our modern age of reality television, John and Kate and Octomom, everyone seems to be vying for a piece of the celebrity pie. But many have forgotten that the fastest road to stardom lies in setting a world record.

Know what you're in for before you run

At the opening of the Lifestyle Expo, municipal political rumours were zinging around fast and furiously. It’s decision time for current members and those considering runs at council and school board seats.

Recessions will keep happening

Adam Smith once wrote that, “It is not normal to see members of the same trade together, but when they are, rest assured that they are conspiring to defraud the rest.