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Recessions will keep happening

Adam Smith once wrote that, “It is not normal to see members of the same trade together, but when they are, rest assured that they are conspiring to defraud the rest.

Putting a face on community service

Have you ever wondered who the people are whose faces grace our currency? We dispense $5 and $10 bills daily but how is it Sir John A.

Clock is ticking for mayoral challengers

After knocking on some 20,000 doors during the last election, Mayor Nolan Crouse could be in store for a much easier campaign prior to the October civic election. It’s been 27 years since an incumbent mayor, Richard Fowler, ran uncontested.

Sordid stories are hard to ignore

So Mt. St. Helena is about to erupt, and everyone’s running for cover.

Smart growth on death watch

Sustainability. Connectivity. Walkability. Densification. All the sprawl-reducing buzzwords are there, yet St. Albert's yearlong flirtation with smart growth, as it's been proposed, appears headed for an untimely demise.

It's a golfer's life for me

It’s a funny old time of the year. Spring is teasingly close. Hockey is all but over – mercifully so for Oilers fans as the team seems bent on becoming a western version of the perennially hapless Maple Leafs.

Nuclear threat is still a potent one

Last week brought the nuclear issue back on stage when the United States announced it was no longer targeting non-nuclear states for a strike from the potent American arsenal, providing they were not seeking nuclear status.

Letter could have unintended consequences

Over the past few months there have been plenty of decent arguments for and against a proposed Habitat for Humanity project in Akinsdale. And then there’s the letter written by Chris and Karleena Perry.

Procrastinating, like cheesecake, is a sinful indulgence

I’ve been doing writing columns for the Gazette for … wow, 12 years now. After doing this for such a long time, I would hope I would remember that when my column is due right before a long weekend, the due date is a day earlier. But, no.

Village making case for municipal auditor

If ever there was a case study on the need for a municipal auditor general, it’s being written in the Village of Boyle.