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Justice system fails Miller family

On November 21, 2000, Lesley Miller began to learn the difference between the Canadian justice system, and the Canadian legal system.

Arlington Drive would set unfortunate precedent

I don’t think that St. Albert’s residents fully understand the significance of the 70 Arlington Dr. proposal or the impact it will have on their own future.

What exactly are we cultivating here in St. Albert?

I was so glad when I read the chamber of commerce is behind the Habitat for Humanity project on Arlington Drive, and that they recognized this was going to be a difficult dilemma to solve as the good of St.

Olympic success could change national attitude

The Winter Olympics are now over and we can slip back onto our regular mode of complacency and firm commitment to mediocrity — or we could explore what went right and what we could do about it in the longer term.

Officers too often focused on only their careers

Canada’s military is a microcosm of our society.

Proof has its place

Would you believe me if I told you that I can wave my hands over any motor vehicle and cause it to run on plastic grocery bags? If I told you that these enhanced cars emit only pure water? Would you demand that I prove it? Or if I told you that my ca

IDP past its best-before date

All has gone quiet on the intermunicipal front, but it’s possible the ceasefire won’t last. After several years of quietly ho-hum relations between St.

Old age comes with benefits

The subject of age, or to put it more correctly, old age, has been on my mind for some time. Years ago, I was told there were three signs that you are getting old.

Looking at Canada through the mirror of Haiti

I have to say how proud I am of how Canadians stepped forward to assist in Haiti. Historically when the world’s disasters occur, Canadians are near the front of the line of those giving assistance.

Citizens play greater role in creating foreign policy

Foreign policy — can it truly be democratically developed, or is this an area of policy that the government must create on its own? After the Cold War, and since 1993, the Canadian government has started a process of consulting with citizens to