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Organic gardening the simple way

The right to choose and to choose right

Railway fencing a waste of taxpayers’ money

Stifling outspoken backbenchers puts a crimp in democracy

Students’ green protest not best use of time

Oh, what a lovely spring

My goodness, what a lovely time our press and parliament are having with the new Ottawa-based, children’s show ‘ The Justin and Jody Show’.

Trump’s re-election key to preventing Canada’s collapse

It has often been noted that “Canada always has the best national defense that the United States can afford”.

Notley will pay price for trusting Trudeau

Each and every time Premier Rachel Notley listens to Justin Trudeau’s latest monotonous mantra about how he is steadfastly protecting Canadian jobs she must feel decidedly nauseous.

Pass the tequila, Sheila

Sheila Copps, former deputy prime minister in the Chretien government, has become the mouthpiece for the Liberal Party judging from her many Opinion columns in the Hill Times during the last month.

No let-up in holding prime minister’s feet to the fire

In the USA, Democrats in the House of Representatives are desperately struggling to prove that President Donald Trump has engaged in the obstruction of justice.