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The pitfalls of legalized marijuana

To paraphrase Charles Dickens – it is the best of times; it is the worst of times. It is a winter of some despair. 2019 begins with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s embarrassing handling of the SNC-Lavalin portfolio. Could it be that Mr.

Someone needs to do more homework on the new curriculum

Someone very recently stated that Alberta needs a curriculum that “is focused on essential knowledge and skills, not political agendas and failed teaching fads.

Business or profession?

“The Businessperson’s Creed is: Profit, Product, People and Principle in that order. The professional must exactly reverse the order of importance of these four criteria to read: Principle, People, Product and lastly, Profit.” – G. K.

Popularity not a guarantee for good leadership

There must be worse things than finding yourself stuck in an elevator with a politician, especially during an election campaign. It’s just difficult to imagine what they could possibly be.

Who is responsible for waste management?

When I was growing up, around 60 years ago, recycling as we know it now did not exist. However, we did recycle, or rather, reuse.

Offering some motivation for healthy living

Mark Twain once observed that “good health and a bad memory is the key to happiness.” While I know little about bad memory, I wholeheartedly agree with his comment on good health.

Simple solutions to waste (not)

All around us there are solutions to our waste issues. Focusing our creativity, business sense and common sense on the task is our challenge.

Exit light, enter Sandmann

Admittedly, I, too, was torn over the image depicting some form of passive-aggressive defiance on the part of a teenager who was face to face with a Native American protester at the grounds of the Washington Monument recently.

Separatism not the elixir to province’s problems

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, called “Brexit” for short, shambles on with no end in sight. U.K.

Pipeline protests ineffectual

Tuesday, Jan. 22, marked the second pipeline protest to hit Edmonton’s surrounding highways. While the vast majority of Albertans are in agreement that the pipeline is integral to our economy, many have questioned the effectiveness of these protests.