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Political satire is not the news, Mr. President

It is as inescapable as December snow. The recent Saturday Night Live skit entitled “It’s a Beautiful Trump” precipitated a flurry of frosty tweets from POTUS.

Oil nightmare is not likely to end soon

Even at his most blatantly brazen and brutally bombastic Donald Trump would never dare to suggest such a lopsided deal.

Yankee go home!

“From the very beginning the campaign strategy was to land-lock the tar sands so the crude could not reach the international market where it could fetch a high price per barrel.

Ready to cast aside political stripe and vote for a party that will solve problems

I realize that columns at this time of year usually reflect happy thoughts about the Christmas season, but I’m not in a happy mood at the moment.

Embracing my inner bully

Recently I saw a photo of schoolchildren creating posters for an anti-bullying campaign. The poster slogans called to mind a mild version of the mass hysteria and moral panic of Colonial North America’s reaction to witches in the 1500s.

Paying attention to wording a key plebiscite lesson

In last week’s budget debates, council approved funding for a storefront library despite the results of the plebiscite from last October’s municipal election where voters decisively rejected the idea of further planning for a branch library.

Reality TV in Washington

The latest episode of the reality version of the Netflix production House of Cards pits U.S. President Donald Trump against the Democrat Party-affiliated CNN after the president tried to ban CNN’s Jim Acosta from the White House press briefings.

No one is exempt from cost-cutting pain to balance the books

When I was in the sixth grade, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein was heavily cutting government spending. My teacher was so infuriated at it that she had my class write letters to Klein protesting his education cuts.

Patriotism demands critique

Nov. 11 marked the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. Remembrance Day ceremonies were held across the country honouring the brave men and women who fought for our freedom.

Climbing the rope to resiliency

During my junior high days in the early 1980s, I experienced a learning culture that was far more permissive in the promotion of student risk-taking than perhaps what some children might get to experience today.