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The Natural Choice for Today’s Environment

For over 25 years, Enviro Masters has proudly specialized in Organic & Enviro Considerate programs for communities everywhere! Enviro Masters offers a very different approach and a more natural environment for all to enjoy. We offer an intelligent way to have a chemical-free lawn. Enviro Masters takes great pride in customizing programs according to the soil, weed, and grass types, providing each lawn with its specific needs.

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Our History

Enviro Masters was started by Martin Fielding in 1987 in Caledon East, Ontario (just northwest of Toronto, Ontario). The company began as a small local business and has since mushroomed into a thriving, well-known Lawn Care Company expanding with over 50 franchised locations across Canada. Expansion plans are now underway for the U.S. and other countries.

Enviro Masters offers specially designed custom Organic & Enviro Considerate programs. These programs provide excellent and extended greening with guaranteed results that are truly amazing. Enviro Masters provides a more natural environment for you and your family!

The Enviro Masters' concept is rapidly expanding, through franchising, to offer people a more personal service. Customers would rather deal directly with the owner of a business, and Franchising brings an owner right to every territory.

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Our Services

Enviro Masters Lawn Care is a company proudly specializing in Organic & Environmentally Considerate Lawn Care programs.

Lawn Maintenance

Turf Diseases

Many diseases can be managed before they take over your lawn and cause real damage. Proper watering, cutting, and cultural practices are important components of your management program. DethatchingBioAerification, and VertiPlanting regularly can also greatly reduce disease infestations. We can help eradicate your turf diseases including Crane-fly – Leather jacket, European Chafer & June Beetle, Chinch Bug, Black Cutworm, Snow Molds, Red ThreadRusts Fairy Ring Dollar Spot, and many more!!

Soil Enhancement And Soil Testing

Our Organic additives maintain a uniform nutrient balance that is essential in the prevention of destructive diseases and controlling of insect populations. Laboratory tests are often required to determine soil deficiencies.

VetiPlanting Turfgrass Regeneration

Newly developed seed cultivars need to be introduced regularly to your lawn because old lawns contain out-of-date grass types. These new grasses have a higher resistance to new diseases. They also contain natural insect repellents, a must for the environment.

Environatural Weed Control

Weed seeds are constantly in the air, blowing around and landing on your lawn. A healthy, lush lawn can crowd out weed seeds and block them from germinating. Various Enviro Masters products and programs are utilized to effectively crowd out and control weeds.

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Environatural Compost

A great product for many reasons. This application of the compost increases the Organic matter in the soil & adds essential nutrients. EnviroNatural compost also increases nutrient holding capacity, maximizing plant nutrient uptake. Nutrients are held at the root zone much longer than normal, and available to be utilized by the plant. This application also acts as a food source for increased microbial activity.

Tree & Shrub Care Program

Enviro Masters’ Tree & Shrub Care programs work to provide a stronger, healthier, and more beautiful landscape that you will enjoy for years to come! Did you know that A 12% decrease in crime was credited to the fact that people spend more time outdoors in a pleasant area, so more eyes are watching!?