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International Womens Day

St. Albert International Womens Day

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Love Within Pregnancy Massage
Lorraine Winslow

Love Within Pregnancy Massage

Love Within Pregnancy Massage & Womans Wellness helps alleviate the aches and pains during pregnancy. Services (for pregnant and non-pregnant women) include therapeutic, hot stone, and relaxation massage; pre/post natal massage; cupping; and TMJ therapy.

“We are also going to be introducing Thai stem massage,” adds Lorraine Winslow, R.M.T. and Owner.

She decided to open Love Within when the company she was working for closed.

“I was stuck at a crossroads. I wanted to keep doing what I love. I always wanted to own my own business and the need was there,” she says.

As a female entrepreneur she encourages other women thinking about starting their own businesses.

“Take the leap and surround yourself with other female entrepreneurs to have in your corner. We are stronger in numbers. I am new to the business community and I am so grateful for all of the mentoring and support I have had from other women in St. Albert. I look forward to learning more from our female leaders in our community as I continue to grow professionally and personally.”

Learn more by visiting online and @lovewithinpregnancymassage on Facebook and Instagram.
Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique
Susan Gretzinger

Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique

Through in-depth assessments, personalized skincare strategies along with our expert knowledge, Temple of Beauty wants YOU to be empowered on your journey to beautiful skin. Because, beautiful skin = confidence. Other services that trigger more stubborn issues are MicroNeedling - to increase collagen, elastin, and reduce scars and wrinkles; photo facials to remove unwanted pigmentation, vascularity and smooth out the texture of the skin. Dermaviduals skincare products, based on Corneotherapy, and Jane Iredale makeup are our top products.

“Our skin is a living organism, constantly shedding and growing new cells. When we feed it what it needs, it will give us a radiant and healthy glow. Look at the ingredients of your products and let that tell you if you want it to be on your skin or absorbed into your body,” says Susan.

As a successful woman in business, she says to other female entrepreneurs, “When a woman takes her passion-filled attention and inspires another woman, the result is that both will go higher than they ever could have alone. It takes another woman to reflect back our greatness to ourselves.”

Susan also notes to clients and prospective clients alike, “No matter the condition of your skin, you are beautiful. Know this beauty and soar in your radiance wherever you go and whatever you do.”

Learn more at online, @TOBFacialBoutique (" on Facebook and @templeofbeau ( on Instagram.
Cadence Dental

Cadence Dental

The all-female team of dentists at Cadence Dental, comprised of Drs. Cassandra Sturt, Kristina McKenzie, Jeanine David, and Kathlene Rodriquez, offer a complete suite of dental services centred around family care for St. Albert and area. Dr. Sturt launched Cadence Dental with families in mind; with three children of her own, she knows the important role dentists play in family wellness. From toddlers to seniors, patients of Cadence Dental are assured of the highest quality, friendliest, most progressive care.

“Nothing makes us happier than seeing all of our little patients happy and excited to come back to visit us, and to watch them grow into adults who are completely comfortable with dental care,” smiles Dr. McKenzie. “This is how a lifetime of good oral health starts, with a positive environment right from a child’s first visit.”

Dr. David says of the clinic, “Cadence Dental is more than just a workplace for our team. We are a diverse group of women and for all of our staff, it is a place of support, laughter, and encouragement.”

Learn more about how you can get family-friendly dental services by emailing [email protected], visiting online, or following them at @cadencedental on Facebook and @cadence_dental on Instagram.
Karen Tran


Four years ago, Karen Tran joined the franchise ShelfGenie to “to turn client’s frustrations with their home into blissful happiness.”

“ShelfGenie solutions give you more accessibility, more storage, and more organization,” says Karen. “You can have a kitchen that you love without any major renovations. ShelfGenie will build and install custom pullout shelves into your existing cabinets.”

Investing in ShelfGenie is always worthwhile. Some of the products have a lifetime warranty, and the ability to quickly – and safety – navigate your home and have everything you need just a pull-out drawer away is priceless.

For Karen, being a ShelfGenie franchisee was a way to be her own boss and have a flexible work schedule while helping homeowners reclaim their space and peace of mind. She’s glad she took the leap into business ownership.

“Overcome your fears, learn as much as you can from other entrepreneurs, and be passionate about what you believe in,” she encourages other women that are thinking of starting their own business.

Learn how you can enjoy the comforts of your own home with the quick and efficient installation of ShelfGenie’s Glide-Out solutions by visiting online, @ShelfGenieyeg on Facebook and @shelfgenieyeg on Instagram.
Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care Inc.
Sue Ostrowski

Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care Inc.

“Dirty grout is a mystery to so many people,” says Sue Ostrowski, owner of Enviro Clean Grout & Stone Care Inc. “We bring in the latest of products to help with you with grout cleaning and we take the time to troubleshoot tile and grout problems to understand what is going on in the many different situations.”

Enviro Clean Grout & Stone also offers natural stone restoration, shower cleaning, grout and tile repair/removal, and granite tune ups.

We offer 3 different programs to suit everyone's needs and budget.

With 13 years of leading her business, Sue is happy to mentor future female entrepreneurs with this advice: “Work on your business when you are working in your business. In order to have customer loyalty you must have customer service. If you have a dream or passion, follow it. No matter the risk or the challenges of your dream, the reward of following your dream is worth your journey.”

She thanks St. Albert and area for supporting her business for more than a decade. Learn more at or call 780-417-9080.
Bishop & McKenzie
Nancy J. Strong

Bishop & McKenzie

Bishop & McKenzie LLP is one of the oldest law firms in Alberta and has been in practice since 1903. Nancy Strong, Senior Associate with the law firm in Edmonton, focuses on wills and estates, small business and corporate law, real estate, and commercial lending.

“It’s interesting, challenging, and allows me to help people,” says Nancy of why she enjoys her career. “People need help to ensure that their interests are protected while they are alive, and that their intentions are carried out once they are gone. Having me help you do things right will provide peace of mind and lets you get on with your business and family.”

Nancy has recently begun offering services by appointment in St. Albert, “to better serve my clients in my community.”

As a successful woman in business she counsels other female professionals and entrepreneurs, saying, “Cut yourself some slack. Juggling everything that we have to, you are going to drop a ball once in a while. Don’t dwell on the one you dropped, celebrate those you kept in the air!”

Learn more by contacting Nancy at [email protected] or through LinkedIn. Learn more about the firm at

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