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Kinsmen Park

9100 Walterdale Hill Rd 
Grooming priority: Mon, Wed, Fri

Kinsmen Park is at the base of Walterdale Hill on the south side of the 105 St Bridge. Parking is available at Kinsmen Sports Centre or along the access road that follows the river.  

#1 Trail: Servold’s Loop 

Length: 2 km 

Rating: More difficult classic and skating 

The southeast corner of the Walterdale Loop. The trails on Kinsmen Park’s pitch and putt (South of the Sports Centre) follow along the gentle and steep hills of the golf course. The loop is one way only.   

#2 Trail: Walterdale Loop 

Length: 1.5 km 

Rating: Easy classic and skating 

Trailhead: The bottom of the field area. The trail follows the outer perimeter of the lower field. A grid of classic tracks for instruction, practice and training is on the football field at the west end of the park.