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Terwillegar Park

10 Rabbit Hill Rd 

Grooming priority: Tue and Thu 

Terwillegar Park is at the west end of the river valley in Riverbend. Follow Rabbit Hill Rd west until it turns into a gravel road and descends to the parking lot at the base of the hill. Terwillegar is an off-leash park, so it is an ideal place to ski with your dog. The generally flat terrain is good for beginner skiers. Be prepared for all types of weather as there are no warm-up facilities in the park.

#1 Trail: Plains Loop 

Length: 4.6 km 

Rating: Easy classic and skating 

Parking lot at the base of Rabbit Hill Rd in Riverbend. The trail follows terrain that is generally flat, starting at the parking lot and circling Terwillegar Park along the edge of the river. 


#2 Trail: Rancher’s Loop 

The Rancher’s Loop was identified as a trail with considerable challenges and risks for grooming staff, which saw minimal use throughout the ski season. Therefore, the decision was made to no longer set this track.