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Parish prepares Jubilee

To the layperson, a jubilee sounds like a big party centred around a special anniversary. While the St.

To the layperson, a jubilee sounds like a big party centred around a special anniversary. While the St. Albert Parish’s Jubilee Celebration Committee agrees, they are also fervently trying to bring back some of the term’s traditional theological meaning as a time for prayer, reflection and renewal. That’s why they’ve chosen the motto “Rooted in faith, living in hope, growing in love.”

The committee has been hard at work behind the scenes, preparing a plan for a full year’s worth of activities and festivities to help bring the entire community together, starting with the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Catholic mission on Jan. 14, 2011.

Although everything is still in the early stage of development, there are a few details that can be announced. Jan Moran, the chair of the committee, explained that a very meaningful logo was developed with the help of some parishioners. A contest was held at the parish last year with J.J. Nearing and Vincent J. Maloney students Ryley Fetter, Leanna Wright and Caitlin Kres each coming up with crucial elements of the final product. A graphic designer was hired to create a design in the style of a stained glass artwork that combined a Grey Nun, a cross labelled ‘OMI’ to represent les Oblats de Marie ImmaculĂ©e (the Oblates of Mary Immaculate) and a feather to symbolize the Métis and Aboriginal peoples who lived in the area before the mission was established.

“We were really happy that we could get the three groups (in the one image),” Moran said. Inclusion is a key theme running throughout the plans. She mentioned that a special ecumenical service would be held next February with the participation of as many local churches as possible. There will be a public gala and fair on the church grounds in September. “I think it’s a great opportunity for the community to get together.”

Oblate Bishop Denis Croteau from Yellowknife is expected to be a special guest during some of the ceremonies.

She added that the committee members want St. Albert to be a stronger community as a result of this celebration. In fact, they are hoping to have a special event every month.

Parish priest Father Andrzej Stendzina said the jubilee is meant to complement the city’s celebrations, not compete with them. “It just happens that we are also 150 years old,” he laughed. “It’s basically a time of renewal, being grateful for the years and having hope for the future.”

The committee is asking for the public’s help with various tasks associated with their jubilee plans. Call the parish office at 780-459-6691 for more information.

Scott Hayes

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