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Sparrow Blue lets it rip

Cranking up rock'n roll with The Sheepdogs, Default, The Watchmen, and The Dirty Nil
1808 Sparrow Blue sup CC
St. Albert rock'n roll band Sparrow Blue gets ready to crank it up at the Together Again music festival on Friday, Aug. 20, 2021.

Sparrow Blue was on an upward trajectory when COVID-19 hit. Everything grounded to a halt. But after using the enforced isolation to build a recording studio, the gritty, old-school rock’n roll band is back in the running. 

The St. Albert band makes headway as the opener at Trixstar Productions Together Again concert on Friday, Aug. 20 at the Racetrack Infield on the Edmonton Exhibition Lands (formerly Northlands). 

That particular concert brings together some full-spectrum Canadian rock bands, including The Sheepdogs, Default, The Watchmen, and The Dirty Nil. 

“This is a huge welcome back. It’s maybe the biggest show yet we’ve played. We’re hitting the ground running, but we wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Jon Dombroski, band spokesperson and a Sturgeon Composite High graduate. 

The other local boys are vocalist Des Parks, also from Sturgeon High; drummer Liam Holm and bass Jack Hensen, both from Bellerose; as well as guitarist Chad Plamondon and percussionist Russell McCann, both from St. Albert Catholic High School.  

Delta Red, a high energy, fast-paced classic rock song with lyrics written by Parks, is one number the six-piece plans to sing at the concert. 

Delta Red is about living wild and fast. Most of our material is based around the ability to live as who we are meant to be, and sometimes that might get us into trouble. There’s a famous saying that we abide by which is, ‘If you aren’t living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.’ We believe Delta Red is a great translation of that statement,” Domboski said. 

In April 2021, the band highlighted a new project: The Making of Real Thick, a YouTube video that invites viewers to watch the rough edges in the making of a song. 

The musicians are reverential of rock history, but they are not complete copies of 70s and 80s rock. Park's distinctive vocals, the mesmerizing guitar solos, and on-the-money drumming lend themselves to a contemporary vibe as the band registers as a regional T-Rex. 

Now with a collection of new material, Sparrow Blue is once more prepped for an afternoon of fun. 

“We’re bringing high-energy, fast-paced, good old rock’n roll, so watch out.” 

 Sparrow Blue performs for 30 minutes at 4 p.m.  

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