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Taking control of her voice

Daphne Charrois competes in Next on Stage: Season 3

Broadway World has opened up opportunities for young ambitious musical theatre artists with Next on Stage: Season 3, an virtual competition that gives high school and college musical theatre artists the opportunity to express their talent.

And Daphne Charrois, the 2019 St. Albert Rotary Music Festival Lyle Moore Scholarship recipient, is front and centre as one of 30 competitors. 

“I was part of it last year, but I didn’t make it past the first round,” laughed Charrois, who graduates from New York City’s American Musical and Dramatic Academy in June. 

The former Morinville Community High School graduate added she has high hopes for this year. 

“It is an opportunity to perform and there’s not a lot out there. Quite honestly, it’s pretty sparse. Everyone is anticipating the theatre season will start this summer, and so everyone is preparing for that.” 

In this interactive, online competition, fans vote for their favourite video performances. Singers record audition-length, one-minute videos of songs a few days before the competition starts. In a series of six rounds, competitors are gradually eliminated until only one singer stands at the finale on June 10. 

The grand prize is $1,000 donated to the vocalist’s charity of choice. In addition, the winning recipient receives a package that includes three months training at London’s International College of Musical Theatre. 

If Charrois takes home the grand prize, she will donate her winnings to Rosie’s Theatre Kids. Founded by Rosie O’Donnell, the organization enriches children’s lives by going into schools and introducing American musical theatre to students. 

“Their goal is to positively affect young kids lives through dance, music, and drama. Personally, the arts shaped my childhood. They gave me an outlet to express myself, to be creative, to gain confidence and to meet people. I hope that every child gets that opportunity to find what they love.” 

For the first round, the bilingual artist’s song selection is Drew Gasparini’s "Two Little Lines" from his album I Could Use a Drink

“I chose to sing 'Two Little Lines' because the first time I heard it, I was captivated by not only the musicality but the lyrics. There is something so raw and human about what this young girl is going through. I loved working through the acting in this song and the particularizations that made every moment so important,” Charrois said. 

She adds, “I’d love to make the furthest round. In New York, it’s all about who you know and making connections. Just meeting people who I wouldn’t ordinarily meet would be wonderful.” 

With rumblings of live theatre returning to the Big Apple, Charrois has also auditioned for several upcoming touring shows including Anastasia, Waitress, The Sound of Music and a few others. 

“It would be so good to have an opportunity to perform again.” 

Voting for the first round of Next on Stage closes May 4. To vote, go to