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Stop bullying? It's a SNAP!

Derian Arcand seems to be a typical nine-year-old boy: fast, strong, a little hyper and shy around his elders. But he also has a problem.

Their colours go well together

Two local artists have combined their talents and shared love of colour to create an eye-catching exhibit. Starting on Saturday, Heather Howard and Miles Constable's show Colours will be on display at Studio Gallery's Perron Street location.

MacEwan conference predicts the future

As you skim through this, do you give any thought to how social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are changing the way we read? Probably not.

A real virtual world

When playwrights are interviewed, they usually enjoy chatting about character development and plot points. Not Kevin Kerr.

Local Spotlight

Tono, one of Canada’s most prestigious productions, passes through St. Albert’s Arden Theatre on Feb. 2 and 3.

It's a mad, mad world

Cabarets are a casual staple celebrating Broadway musical hits without actually paying the big bucks to see a full-length show. But the one-woman scripted show, once a New York phenomenon, is making inroads into the local cabaret scene.

In the eye of the beholder

When people talk about art galleries, they discuss what's in them and not the buildings themselves. But that all changes when the architecture is exceptional, new or just plain different.

Angels with machine guns? Only in movies

One can just imagine God getting so frustrated with all of the mishaps and mayhem created by mankind that he decides to pack it all up and wipe the slate clean, like an angry dad driving the kids to a vacation fun spot, who turns around and yells out

Local Spotlight

Every one of us is to some degree touched by the many faces of love. But it’s another thing to express it without sounding soppy, maudlin or hammy. Published writers Barbara Mitchell and St.

Daddy brings swingin' sounds to Arden

For two hours last Friday night, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s irresistibly syncopated swing and jump blues music transformed the Arden Theatre into Harlem’s notorious Cotton Club.