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Artist memorializes fallen luger

Local painter Monk has been in Vancouver to help amplify the cultural impact of the Winter Olympics but she has also been playing a significant humanitarian role due to an untimely tragedy just before the games began last Friday.

Local Spotlight

The 90-odd mixed voices of the Edmonton Metropolitan Choir (EMC) have developed a reputation for treading new waters with a blend of exuberance and dignity.

Zodiac takes to the air

Meghan Schech Watson, 20, gets nervous walking on ledges or open grates. But as an aerialist for Firefly Theatre she displays nerves of steel climbing ropes and silks performing gravity-defying tricks 12 metres above the ground.

Not just for growing plants

If St. Albert is truly the city of gardens (as the recent corporate branding suggests), then all facets of our city must represent growth, nurturing and cultivation. In fact, 'cultivating life' is more than just a slogan.

Cantilon Choirs comes home

This year Cantilon Choirs is toasting its 10th anniversary as an independent choral group. They return to their St. Albert roots with an annual fundraiser at the Arden Theatre on Saturday, Feb. 20.

I Google Myself does not disappoint

Ego-surfing. We’ve all cruised the Internet looking for our name, possibly out of narcissism or plain curiosity. But in the dark comedic thriller I Google Myself playing at the Varscona Theatre until Feb.

Nevermore delivers macabre window into Poe's world

Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe recreates the life of a man haunted by a lion's share of tragedy, a man living in the shadow of death.

Arden ready to sizzle

Pavlo, the Toronto-based virtuoso guitarist of Greek heritage, is on cloud nine. He’s just signed a three-year contract with CBC and Bravo to broadcast Mediterranean Nights , a two-hour special of music and dance funded on his own dime.

Chef out to help couples sizzle

As you make plans to take your special someone out for a romantic meal on Valentine’s Day tomorrow, there’s one man in town who wants to encourage you to do one better and learn how to make the meal together at home.

Happy Valentine's Day New Year!

It all started with a rice-paste fish. My sister came home recently with the weirdest snack I'd ever seen. It was a blob of glue-coloured goo, shaped and painted to look like a goldfish. Apparently, it was edible.