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Avatar (PG) It’s 2154 and humanity’s technologically advanced military industrial complex is poised to plunder the mineral riches of a planet called Pandora. The only thing in their way is the dominant life form called the Na’vi.

Concert honours repected choir instructor

David Garber is a pillar of the Edmonton-area entertainment scene, a musical gardener of sorts who has devoted his life to nurturing the ambitions of young singers and musicians. As the former St.

Former students return for gala

After 25 years in the business, Edmonton Festival Ballet has developed a network of friendly contacts across North America that adds lustre to the amateur dance company.

The way to a man's heart (and the bedroom) is through the kitchen

This is the time of year, just after love itself gets a holiday that makes many hearts flutter from passion, others just get tingly nerves because they don’t quite know how to re-ignite that fire.

Short and sweet

Edmonton is Alberta’s theatrical mecca, a thriving hotbed of live spectacles.

Choir tunes up for busy season

The 120-odd choral and band students from Sturgeon Composite High School never do anything in half measures. In March they are booked for a choral festival and the Alberta International Band Festival.

Local Spotlight

Canadian playwright Michael Healey does it again with Courageous , a play with two parallel stories running at the Citadel Theatre until Sunday, March 14.

Local artist ready for big year

With snow still on the frozen ground, Aynsley Nisbet has somehow found herself where everything is coming up roses. The 26-year-old local painter has a very big year ahead but can’t say that’s how she planned it.

Trendy cultivars add splashes of colour to garden

Greenhouse growers aren’t psychic. But each year they look into their crystal ball and import new flowers that will boost visual appeal to any urban oasis.

Local author navigates way into beautiful print

Years ago I suffered from a three-year bout of bibliophilia. I fell in love with books, many for purely superficial reasons.