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Protestant students launch major art display

Hundreds of students in St. Albert's Protestant school district, from every school and every educational level, kindergarten through to Grade 12, have broken through the barrier of publicly displaying their artwork.

Teens find their niche online

Put three adolescents with sexual secrets at computer terminals and gossip runs amok. At least, according to Northern Light’s new production of Speech and Debate . “It's like the Breakfast Club of this generation.

Brass band welcomes special guests

The Mission Hill Brass is one of the youngest mainstream bands in the area. In its five-year history, it has attracted some extremely proficient players. Its edgy repertoire is layered with dynamic music. Musical director A.

Family dysfunction explored in prairie period piece

Bittersweet is a word that was probably invented to describe the tangled relationships of prairie families.

Pair of painters breathe life into abstract landscapes

As landscape shows go, few go to such lengths to prompt viewers to look between and beyond the lines as Studio Gallery's new exhibit does. There is as much, or more, happening in the background and negative spaces as the foreground.

Watoto choir a story of triumph

Uganda is a country ravaged by AIDS and the atrocities of war. The streets are littered with orphaned and abandoned children.

St. Albert actress reaches for the stars

Victoria Robillard, a Grade 9 Elmer S. Gish Elementary/Junior High student, is still baffled as to how the scouting agency, Nova Talent, came across her name. “They called me to audition.

Laughs, gross-outs galore in Hot Tub Time Machine

The life cycle of new theatrical releases dictates that each spring or early summer must be blessed with a comedy such as this. Mature in content but immature in nature. Hilarious yet bothersome. Awesome and awful at the same time.

Pair triples up at Futures Fest

Futures Fest organizer Martha Livingstone thought she'd seen it all — that is until contestant Stephen Lecky scooped up three major awards.

Tough book about how combat begets religion

It’s difficult for civilians to put themselves in the army boots of soldiers and try to understand their motives, their feelings and how they are affected by combat. Their lives are constantly in danger and their mission can seem interminable.