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Storyteller to spin a few yarns at library

According to Kevin Mackenzie it may all have started with the egg man.

St. Albert artist, curling club help with Deep Freeze

‘Jam Jar’ should describe some of the edible delights or possibly a style of music for the entertainment at this weekend’s Deep Freeze Festival along Alberta Avenue in Edmonton.

Cinema series back for sixth season

Going to the movies and living out a two-hour escapist adventure is one leisure activity everyone relates to. It’s fun. It’s relaxing and it generally provokes good-natured discussion.

Local Spotlight

Country duos are rare in part because it’s tough to find the right voice and personality to complement an already existing solo act. Yet St. Albert’s homegrown Leah Durelle and Aaron J.

Human form uncovered for exhibit

It’s one of the greatest conundrums for artists. The nude is not just the sight of the beauty that we all hold as humans; it’s also one of the greatest subjects with which to learn the practice of your art, across numerous disciplines.

Who are you betting on for the Oscars?

The 82nd Academy Awards presentation on March 7 is still three months away, but many are sitting on pins and needles waiting for co-hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to yuk it up for Hollywood’s best and brightest (and probably a few of the w

Up in the Air good, but not feel-good

It’s a pretty bold move to make a studio movie about a guy who travels all around the country and fires other company’s employees, like a contract killer that shoots pink slips. What’s bolder is that this guy is the protagonist.

Paul Kane sends up classic fairytale

Rooting for the underdog creates a rainbow of emotions. In Paul Kane High’s winter musical, Once Upon a Mattress, opening Thursday at the Arden Theatre, there are two very unusual underdogs that generate cheers.

Conlan's plot, characters fall short

Kane Conlan’s book The Manipulators features a story set in the political hot zone of Calgary. While the subject matter may be topical, it still seems kind of silly to me.
Family fun for New Year's Eve

Family fun for New Year's Eve

No one loves to party on New Year's Eve quite like hardy northerners. No matter how low temperatures dip, several thousand partygoers always show up at New Year's Eve Downtown, ready to boogie and sing Auld Lang Syne.