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Singing for dollars

“Jammo, Jammo, n’coppa jammo jĂ .” What is this mumbo jumbo Bertha Kennedy’s music students are singing? Is it pig Latin? No.

Cooper Brothers back together

After approximately 25 years away from the music business, The Cooper Brothers, once Canada’s answer to the Eagles, reunite for a few more kicks at the can.

VASA bringing fascinating art talks to town

It’s a compelling question for a world filled with some strange new art: what is art? For the answer, the Visual Arts Studio Association of St.

Actors key into murderous characters

No book editor in 1954 would have published fantasy stories of sensational crime involving teenage lesbianism, violent, fetish imaginings and a grisly premeditated murder.

Local musicians get national recognition

When this year’s Juno nominations were announced with great fanfare, the list included two local acts competing for the hardware. The freshly minted rock band Stereos fronted by St.

High school ramps up art for indoor public places

If Robert Frost had been a high school student in St. Albert, he would have written a poem about the hallway less travelled. It would be unspectacular, a mere vessel for students on the west side of the building with no scenic diversions.

Library getting teens to rock out tomorrow

The times, they are a-changin’. The library, once held as the bastion of quietude, is now encouraging teenagers and their friends to come over and play some noisy video games for a couple of hours tomorrow.

Jake's Gift lands at the Arden

Since Julia Mackey first created the one-woman show Jake’s Gift in 2006, she’s performed this salute to heroism more than 280 times.

Nonsensical Alice colourful, but bland

What goes around, comes around. Tim Burton spent some of his early career in the concept art department at a little place called Disney Studios. That bit of trivia should dispel the notion that the House of Mouse only begets cookie-cutter filmmakers.

Local Spotlight

The search for the 2010 St. Albert Idol is on. Once again Innovations Music is digging deep to find some of the city’s top-notch singers with tryouts at six different local high schools and junior high schools.