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Great Reading

For the week of Oct. 9 to 16, 2019


The New Kitten
By Joyce Carol Oates
As the only cat in her house, Cherie is accustomed to being showered with treats and affection. So when her family brings home a new kitten named Cleopatra, Cherie resents that she's no longer the centre of attention– and she can't believe all the trouble that the kitten gets away with! Is one home big enough for two kitties?

Not Your Nest!
By Gideon Sterer
Bird is just about to put the finishing touches on her new home when she suddenly finds that her nest is already full – of someone else. So she reluctantly builds another nest. But Fox finds this new nest quite comfy, and Brush Hog loves the view from Bird's next attempt. Soon the Acacia tree is bursting with happily nested animals of all shapes and stripes – everyone except bird!


Lalani of the Distant Sea
By Erin Estrada Kelly
When her father perishes after sailing on the ocean, Lalani and her mother are forced to live with her frightening uncle. Now, with her mother ill and her island suffering from a drought, Lalani faces an impossible quest: sail across the sea that has taken the lives of countless men, including her father, in search of something that might heal her mother.

The Strangers
By Margaret Peterson Haddix
The Greystone kids – responsible Chess, math-savvy Emma, and excitable Finn – have a pleasant life, until the day they find their mother weeping over a news story about three kidnapped children – children who have the same birth dates and unusual names as the siblings! After their mom disappears, the Greystones receive a cryptic farewell and a coded letter that makes them wonder if they're connected to the kidnapped children.

Fun Facts

Dinosaurs: A Book of Infographics
By Steve Jenkins
This book uses infographics –  illustrations, charts and graphs – to show what dinosaurs looked like, how they lived, and what happened to them. And it introduces the survivors, the dinosaurs that are still alive today!

Flights of Fancy
Anyone searching for creative inspiration will be grateful for this book. Open the pages and you will find inspiring activities presented by 10 of the best of the best British Children’s Laureates. No better place to find clever advice and get the creative juices flowing.

Young Adult

The Silence Between Us
By Alison Gervais
Author Alison Gervais' own experience with hearing loss inspired this novel. Seventeen-year-old Maya becomes deaf after an unexpected illness, and must attend a hearing school when the family moves to Colorado. Beau, one of the popular kids, learns ASL to get close to Maya but will he ever fully understand her experience?

Sweet Valley High
By Katy Rex
Reissued as a graphic novel, Sweet Valley High is back! Twins Jessica and Elizabeth are hard to tell apart. When Jessica falls in love with her teacher and pretends to be Elizabeth to impress him, it's up to Elizabeth to set things right.


No Good Asking
By Fran Kimmel
Attempting to heal their fractured family, Eric and Ellie Nyland move everyone back to Eric’s rural childhood home. When they discover that a young girl in their neighbourhood is being abused, the Nylands take her in while she waits for a new home. The story adeptly explores the way the girl and the family impact each other. Learn more from Fran Kimmel about this powerful tale and others when she joins us for STARFest 2019 on Oct. 22 at 7 p.m.

The Waiting Hours
By Shandi Mitchell
The Waiting Hours tells the interconnected stories of a 911 dispatcher, a police officer and a trauma nurse who work the tense hours between 3 and 6 AM, when emergency calls are typically most dire. Set during a heat wave with the threat of a hurricane looming, all three characters become enmeshed in a situation that will have life-altering consequences. Join us on Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. to experience Shandi Mitchell in conversation with Jacqueline Baker for STARFest 2019.