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How to Stay Connected While Learning from Home

Connectedness is an important part of post-secondary learning. During their time at university, students do more than attend classes. Typically, they make friends, meet professionals in their field, and participate in health and wellness activities including sports and counselling, and involve themselves in many other activities, the benefits of which could last a lifetime.
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How can students stay connected and get a full post-secondary experience while learning from home? Here are some suggestions.

Be organized

Check into the online classroom and be sure to have everything you need. Make sure that you have adequate internet, storage, a fast computer, and that your notebooks and pens are all laid out and prepared each day. It is easy to get overwhelmed when everything is online; staying organized can defray this risk.

Take all the opportunities to meet people

There will be Zoom meetings, online classes, chats and student lounges offering opportunities to participate online, and if possible on site as well. Watch for these and participate in what is available. Get to know fellow students, teachers, and colleagues.

Talk to your institution

Today, schools are prepared for more online learners than they usually are. Look at the website for your school and see what resources they offer and advice they have. Don’t ignore feelings of stress or anxiety. The school can offer counselling, guidance, and aid. There are also student advisors available.

Practicums, placements, financial supports and work opportunities

The Government of Canada has supports for students. Speak with an advisor at your institution, as each school and program have different requirements and application processes. An advisor can help you identify the programs for which you qualify.

Opportunities are still available

It is true that opportunities to connect have changed. Some have lessened, but others have expanded. Universities and post-secondary schools have networks of their own and so it may be that connectedness during this pandemic extends wider, and with more opportunities than were previously considered. Webinars, Zoom classes, and online lounges and classrooms have the potential to reach an even larger audience, and as an online learner there are still many options.

Be a good student

The better prepared you are the more motivated and successful you will be. Familiarize yourself with the habits and practices of a successful online learner so you can give yourself the chance possible. Post-secondary study is an exciting and happy time. Be safe, but don’t ignore opportunities for your success.