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LETTER: Freedom movement attempt to disrupt Canada Day nothing of the sort

'They do not believe in freedom or democracy but to rule by violence or force if you do not agree with them.'

The so-called freedom movement will try to make you believe that they are for freedom, but actually it is a con. They do not believe in democracy. In Coutts, they prevented other truckers from transporting goods, threatening their livelihood. They even brought in guns.

In the east, they blocked the Ambassador Bridge, threatening automaker companies, costing Canadians billions of dollars, and nearly causing thousands of auto employees their jobs. Doug Ford had to bring the Emergency Act in Ontario to open up the Ambassador Bridge.

In Ottawa, they disrupted the area around the federal Parliament buildings just when many small businesses were trying to get back on their feet after a long period of COVID-19. They appeared not to care about the survival of small businesses at all.

What about these protestors who tried to prevent some politicians from being heard during the last federal election? Do they not want us to hear both sides of a debate because we can not handle different points of view?

You can compare it to a court trial. You have the prosecutors giving their opinion, the defence giving another version, and the jury (voters) deciding who is right or wrong. These groups do not want us to hear the other side, but force us into their way of thinking. They do not think we can make a valid decision and by force make it for us. They call it freedom, but it actually is a draconian restriction of freedom. They do not believe in freedom or democracy but to rule by violence or force if you do not agree with them.

Now it sounds like the freedom movement wants to disrupt our Canada Day celebration of democracy, for which many Canadian soldiers died. The freedom movement and speech disruptors are just a sham filled with people who want us to believe in their bogus claims.  

Emil Guzik, Sturgeon County