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LETTER: Our understanding of authority has been eroded

'This tail-wagging-the-head-of-the-dog attitude must stop.'

Why are police officers, military personnel, teachers, parents, coaches, and anyone in authority considered "guilty" of an alleged wrongdoing and required to "prove" themselves innocent? 

There is a terrible erosion in our society today that has people in authority unable to properly carry out their duties because they are unfairly challenged by ill-informed parents who would rather support their unruly child, the criminal caught in the act, or the violent protester being monitored by a military riot squad.

Our social norms are being eroded to the point that this lack of public and managerial support will have police officers hesitate to act, teachers unfairly bowing to parents' twisted arguments for their undisciplined children, and trained military personnel wondering if they are going to be court-martialed for carrying out their sworn duty.

This tail-wagging-the-head-of-the-dog attitude must stop. It must be replaced with the respect for everyone to start, but in particular for those who have chosen careers that require a reasonable understanding of authority with its heavy responsibilities and its absolute necessity.

Simon Chance, St. Albert