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LETTER: Signs at Grosvenor pool 'tantamount to body shaming'

'Why these directives? Who is being protected and from what?'

The following sign has just appeared at the entrance for both men's and women's locker/change rooms at St. Albert Grosvenor Pool: “Do not change into or out of swimwear in open bench area or showers."

“Please use private cubicles.”

These signs do not appear at any other St. Albert public pools.

When patrons asked about this directive, they were told they had to shower after swimming in their swimwear, and change in and out of their bathing suits in one of three cubicles. There are a total of six cubicles for a possible 190 patrons at a time and no individual shower cubicles.

If they did not wish to do this, then they should shower and change at home.

A number of swimming guests swim during their work break, before work, or going on to other activities.

Having chlorine/salt/pool chemicals on one’s body for an extended time is not desirable.

Why these directives? Who is being protected and from what?

The swimming change rooms are not universal change rooms, they are gender and age, six years and older, specific.

These rules may be tantamount to body shaming

E. Semmens, St. Albert