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LETTER: Thank you to all who helped during fire at Sierras of Inglewood

"All human beings need plenty of praise, kindness, respect, and to be lifted up."

It is of great importance to me to say, "Thank you," to all those front-line personnel and others who provide and give of themselves a caring service to others. I am referring to the most recent fire at the Sierras of Inglewood complex in September.

The alarm rang out. Quickly, several units from the St. Albert Fire Department arrived with many dedicated, skilled firefighters. Each one of them, with great speed, went about determining the cause, where and how to attend to get it under control. They worked diligently before allowing the residents back into their homes. We thank each one of you who worked so carefully to keep us all safe.

I wish to extend thanks to all the dedicated police officers and investigating officers who arrived to assist and give information to us on matters being addressed. When it was determined a more time was needed before we could enter our homes, a bus from Fort Saskatchewan arrived and we were taken to the St. Albert Inn. The officers were caring and compassionate.

Thank you to the staff at the St. Albert Inn who, on such short notice, were able to provide room, chairs, water, lunch, and coffee. Your generosity in welcoming us and reaching out with caring and giving hearts and hands brightened our day.

Thanks, also, to a great team of ladies from Victims of Crime who greeted us and listened so compassionately. We are now all aware that, when in need, this is who we should reach out to. This is an essential service.

We must not forget about the bus driver who introduced himself and uplifted our spirits.

My final expression of thanks is to all my wonderful neighbours and friends who live with me at the Sierras for how each of you helped me on that day. Each one of you possesses rich character, personality, care, kindness, and thoughtfulness toward others.

All human beings need plenty of praise, kindness, respect, and to be lifted up.

Mary Cienkowski, St. Albert