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Art from isolation: the fifth instalment of with.draw.all

The Gazette features art created by local high school students twice per month as part of with.draw.all, a project championed by art teachers at Bellerose Composite High School, Paul Kane High School and St. Albert Catholic High School.

While students continue to learn from home, art students from three of St. Albert's high schools are contributing to with.draw.all, which will be posted to the Gazette’s website every second week.


Brynden KendrickArtist: Brynden Kendrick
Grade 10
Title: Pepper Still Life

Medium: Graphite and charcoal on paper

Artist statement: “Drawing helps me get my mind off things and the problems we are all currently experiencing in the world. These times are clearly very different from what we are used to in our normal everyday lives. I think it is important that we all find a way to cope and make the most of these difficult times, and drawing is one of the ways I do that. For me, it provides a place of distraction and essentially allows me to find comfort in the chaos.”


Alejandro Rojas LaraArtist: Alejandro Rojas Lara
Grade 10
Medium: Drawing
Artist statement: "So being isolated really gave me the time to actually add colour to my drawing, which is something I don't like doing. The drawing – it's a single leaf, and that's how single I've been feeling. My drawing is so fresh, but I'm humble so I won't hype it up too much."


Simone JoostenArtist: Simone Joosten
Grade 12
Medium: Collage
Artist statement: “I did this piece of art in response to a prompt about perseverance; resilience and strength.”


Chloe EnglertArtist: Chloe Englert
Grade 11

Medium: Painting

Artist statement: “I painted this outside on a windy day and everything kept blowing away and my dog tried to eat the food. I ended up giving him a chunk of the bagel, as you can kind of see.”


Katie JohnsonArtist: Katie Johnson
Grade 11

Medium: Cardboard

Artist statement: “Our prompt was to repurpose cardboard into everyday objects. In this age of online learning, a laptop is about as everyday as it gets.”


Kiera WallaceArtist: Kiera Wallace
Grade 11

Medium: Paper mache/Pop bottle art

Artist statement: “I was inspired by the ancient Egyptians depiction of cats, with their use of black and precious metals.”


Sean YourechukArtist: Sean Yourechuk
Grade 11

Medium: Relief sculpture based on a master’s work

Artist statement: “I was inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflowers.”


Karis HeighArtist: Karis Heigh
Title: My Least Favourite Food

Medium: Fine tip sharpie and eyeshadow

Artist statement: “While creating this piece I thought of food that has wronged me in the past. Celery was an easy choice. I used a sharpie to create the outline but I felt something was missing. Without traditional art supplies, I was very limited in the colour department. Eyeshadow seemed like an easy choice because I have a large selection of colours available and it happened right here in my room. Using eyeshadow was a different experience as it produced a much lighter, yet more pastel colour, but I love how it turned out! Art has been a great outlet for me during this time because of its ability to connect with my friends. I love sending pictures of my finished assignments to my friends and see the different directions they chose to take. During times like these, it is sometimes hard for us to stay connected, but art is making it easier for us.”


Taryna MarkoArtist: Taryna Marko
Title: Burning Within

Medium: Digital photography/pen, ink and paper
Artist statement: “This piece started as a journal entry on my thoughts on how I’ve become more aware of my insecurities while in isolation. The burning message along with the remains signifies how despite these insecurities remaining a part of me, I don’t let them define who I am. To create these photos, I propped up my phone to take a video of my message burning, then extracted a photo from the video. I then swept the ashes together and photographed the heap of ashes. During this time, I have been using art to calm myself and take a break from the stresses of other schoolwork. When I’m not doing homework, I’ll turn to art to keep myself busy. Overall, art has helped me to stay productive rather than feeling ineffective throughout the days.”