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Art from isolation: the third instalment of with.draw.all

The Gazette will feature art created by local high school students twice per month as part of with.draw.all, a project championed by art teachers at Bellerose Composite High School, Paul Kane High School and St. Albert Catholic High School.

While students continue to learn from home, art students from three of St. Albert's high schools are contributing to with.draw.all, which will be posted to the Gazette’s website every second Thursday.

JennaBlack collageArtist: Jenna Black
Grade 12
Title: Exulansis
Medium: acrylic paint, collage images
Process: "My process with this piece was simply just allowing myself to create a piece of art with what I had around my house and not think about it. I enjoyed making this piece because I feel it captures emotions that not only I have felt but other people have felt as well. It allowed me to open up and tell my own story of how I’m feeling in all of this craziness. This is a stressful and difficult time for everyone and I wanted to be able to say and show that feeling emotions is okay. We all have to have each other’s back at this time."


KaelynAndrews collageArtist: Kaelyn Andrews
Grade 11
Title: The Depth Beyond
Medium: Collage pieces from a magazine
Description: "I wanted to find something that brought back memories of my favourite place to go on vacation. I found this photo online and it reminded me of the fun I had on that trip."


Hannah Hughes collageArtist: Hannah Hughes
Grade 12
Medium: Collage
Challenge: "During this time, I've found it odd to communicate with others, despite these communications being my lifeline. Once busy streets are eerily devoid of activity, while we bask in the soft glow of electronic devices. The sense of closeness I've gotten from group calls and attempts at long distance board games is immense regardless of our separation. We're all in our own worlds right now, strung together only by technology; this artificial proximity."


Faythe Krywiak CollageArtist: Faythe Krywiak
Grade 12
Medium: Collage
Title: The End
Artist statement: “Ultimately everything that is good or bad will eventually come to an end.”


Erin Allison collageArtist: Erin Allison
Grade 11
Medium: Collage
Challenge: "My challenge was to create a collage with a minimum of elements and a bit of paint!"


Emma Burroughs collageArtist: Emma Burroughs
Grade 11
Medium: Paint and collage on album cover
Title: soaring
Artist statement: "I made this from an old record sleeve that I had. I used the case to paint on, and the record to trace the shape. I took the car magazine type clip from an old newspaper from long ago, and I put it soaring over the mountains in the back of all the paint."


athenaarlinghaus collageArtist: Athena Arlinghaus
Grade 12
Title: The Hollows
Medium: Collage
Process: "This piece combines a scrap of sheet music and a piece of one of my favourite albums. It is meant to represent how music is really helping me during isolation whether I listen or I play ... it carries me through."


Anke Jacobs CollageArtist: Anke Jacobs
Grade 10
Medium: Collage
Challenge: "What inspired me for the collage was seeing all of the plants and trees starting to bloom around me. It's one of my favourite times of the year, and I've always enjoyed it."


Alex Hayward CollageArtist: Alex Hayward
Grade 11
Medium: Collage
Title: “Monster Carnival”
Artist statement: “The collaboration represents an abandoned theme park where the dead come to life at night”