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GALLERY: Colour Scheme's May exhibit explores verdigris green

Works featured were created by art students from Paul Kane, Bellerose, and St. Albert High schools.

Colour Scheme is a rotating monthly online art exhibit featuring selected works by students of Bellerose, Paul Kane, and St. Albert Catholic high schools. Each month of the school year, several pieces will be highlighted on The Gazette's website.

Students explored the colour verdigris green for the month of May.

From the teachers:

"Green of Greece"— that is the literal translation of vert de Grece, the Anglo-French phrase from which the modern word verdigris descends. A coating of verdigris forms naturally on copper and copper alloys such as brass and bronze when those metals are exposed to air. (It can also be produced artificially.) The word verdigris has been associated with statuary and architecture, ancient and modern, since it was first used in the 14th century. Some American English speakers may find they know it best from the greenish-blue coating that covers the copper of the Statue of Liberty.