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Student artists explore vermillion red for December exhibit

Colour Scheme features pieces created by students from Paul Kane, St. Albert Catholic, and Bellerose, which explore a new hue each month of the school year.

Colour Scheme is a rotating monthly online art show featuring selected works by students of Bellerose, Paul Kane, and St. Albert Catholic high schools. Each month of the school year, several pieces will be highlighted on The Gazette's website on the last Saturday of the month.

The focus of the Colour Scheme show for December Vermilion Red.

From the teachers:

A natural supply of vermilion (mercury sulphide) comes from the mineral cinnabar. This wine-red stone is the principal ore of the metal mercury. The Roman architect Vitruvius picturesquely described the dark red rocks sweating droplets of quicksilver. To become a useful pigment, it need only be finely ground. Vermilion was once as costly and precious as gold. It reigned supreme as medieval artists’ red and was used, reverently, alongside gold leaf and ultramarine for manuscript capitals and on tempera panels.

Artist statement — Black and White and (Read) Red All Over

This month we wanted to celebrate more art! So, all three schools collaborated on a project called “Black and White and (Read) Red all over," kind of a riff on the old joke about a newspaper being the thing that is black and white and "read" all over. We worked small (5"x7”) and used only vermilion red, black, and white mediums. Students were able to choose their own theme and subject and created amazing stuff! Here is a sampling of that amazing work for your viewing pleasure.