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An article about a stabbing in Pineview that appeared in Wednesday’s Gazette contained incorrect information. The victim and the accused in that altercation did not know each other.

Shopping centre closer to reality

Nothing is in the ground yet, but commercial development in South Riel is one step closer to reality after city council rezoned 54 hectares of land for a planned regional shopping centre.

Environment File

BLESS Nature Centred She’s fine with the bugs and the ram’s skull, but Christianne McDonald draws the line at the heron costume. “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing,” she says, laughing.
Transformers: less than meets the eye

Transformers: less than meets the eye

Does anybody out there yet doubt Michael Bay’s pyrotechnical abilities? This is only the eighth movie that he’s ever directed but I’m guessing that catalogue features thousands of explosions involving asteroids, weapons, machines, v

Province targets gangs

Premier Ed Stelmach brought his tough on crime message to a Calgary gang summit and promised the province would work hard to target street gangs.
Twenty-five years of science

Twenty-five years of science

Karin Dowling remembers manning the tills on opening day at the Edmonton Space Sciences Centre. It was 25 years ago, and the place was packed. "It was crazy," Dowling recalls. "We didn't even have tills. We were working out of cash boxes.

Seniors and youth bridge the gap

St. Albert youth and seniors are bridging the generation gap to find common ground and gain from the others' experiences, says a local seniors advocate. As Seniors' Month winds down, Leslie MacEachern, executive director at the St.

MLA apprehensive about energy action

The province will forego up to $1.5 billion in oil and gas royalties in order to stimulate drilling activity in the beleaguered energy sector, a decision that has St. Albert MLA Ken Allred feeling apprehensive.

Organizations eager for money

St. Albert groups are hoping to share in some affordable housing funding announced by the provincial and federal governments Thursday. Alberta and Ottawa will combine to inject $386 million into affordable housing programs over the next two years.

Questions abound over stolen laptops

There’s a low risk that thieves who took two laptops containing health information will be able to access files, but the incident should serve as a warning to the government, said a spokesman for Alberta’s privacy watchdog.