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Hi, I'm Misty and I'm a beautiful seven-year-old grey, female cat. Many of NASAP's cats have been recently adopted, so now it's my turn. I was found as a stray by some NASAP volunteers after spending a couple of winters outside.

Community league seeks new blood

The St. Albert Community League wants to inject new life into its 71-year-old organization through a 10-fold increase in membership.

Kidsport rallying local support

A strong offence is needed by a national organization that provides the financial means for many children across the country to get involved with athletics. KidSport Canada has 36 chapters in Alberta but St. Albert is the largest city without one.

Sturgeon unimpressed with IDP changes

A proposal to remove large parcels of land from the Sturgeon-St. Albert intermunicipal development plan (IDP) is not sitting well with several Sturgeon landowners and county councillors.

Driving Angels recognized

Local seniors are being given the opportunity to thank the angels in their lives that pick them up and drop them off for trips to the doctor’s office, mall or other errands. The Driving Angels program was launched at the St.

Crazy like a fox (hound)

It's an idea that might seem crazy at first — putting a dog on a treadmill — but spend some time around practitioners and you'll learn that it's actually very sane.

Legal riders prepare for numb bums

Two brothers from Legal are preparing to freeze their butts off this weekend as they challenge the world's coldest ice race.

Not an interior decorator

A modest bungalow on the tree-lined street of Lafonde Crescent has been on the market now for two months and has yet to receive an offer. But property stylists Jackson West and Duncan Scott are confident that’s about to change very soon.

RCMP and sheriffs team up on Alberta highways

Alberta sheriffs patrolling the province’s highways will now take their daily marching orders from the RCMP under an integration model announced Monday.

Third quarter brings improvement to government finances

Alberta will run a deficit of $3.6 billion for the current fiscal year, based on updated third quarter data made public along with the spring budget. The third quarter of the government’s fiscal year ended Dec. 31.