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Local News

Mayor floats cut to public works salt monitoring

A budget cut proposed by the mayor related to the old public works yard could yield environmental fines from the province if passed. Council worked its way through a flurry of budget motions this week, many of which were related to the environment.

Provincial Digest

New hip and knee surgery centre A new state-of-the-art surgical facility in Edmonton will focus exclusively on hip and knee surgery, according to Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Surgeries to spike thanks to cash infusion

Alberta Health Services has announced a $16.7-million injection for 5,000 additional high-priority surgeries.

Parking tickets net Christmas cheer

The second annual Toys for Tickets campaign wrapped up on Tuesday with a lot of toys in one local service group’s stocking.

Health councils push for more communication

A proposal by Alberta Health Services to further open the lines of communication between its board and the province’s 12 Health Advisory Councils (HAC) is a good idea says Kathleen LeClair, chair of the Greater Edmonton Health Advisory Council,

The gift of thoughtfulness … and cookies

Bridging the generation gap is often a delicate affair, but when it comes to the Grade 8 and 9 students of the leadership class at W.D. Cuts Junior High School, it’s as easy as turning a ribbon into a bow.

Webstreaming council meetings a no go

If you’ve always wished you could watch city council meetings online from the comfort of your own home, keep wishing. In a 5-2 vote, city council decided against webstreaming future meetings.

A blanket to keep everyone warm

Cheryl Agostinho has the blisters and carpal tunnel problems to prove how much she works at her craft, but none of those aches and pains can stop her from spending as much time as possible to help keep people warm with free blankets.

Officers recount dealings with Mattson

A dangerous offender hearing for an Edmonton man who has pleaded guilty to the vicious assault on an Edmonton transit service driver continued this week as the Crown presented more evidence about the man's criminal past and tendency toward anger.

Council whittles down tax increase

City council shaved a few points off its projected property tax increase after jumping headlong into budget motions Thursday evening. Based on the motions passed thus far, the residential tax increase sits at 2.