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Art for the ages

Art for the ages

Often reviews of landscape exhibits use such adjectives as “scenic” or “picturesque” because there are few other ways to describe such art, even the high quality work.

New home for Primary Care Network

A bigger and better headquarters will allow the St. Albert and Sturgeon Primary Care Network to see more patients. Officials unveiled the new facility on Thursday.

Province doles out housing cash

Affordable housing in St. Albert got a boost this week after the province announced $1.5 million to fund more projects in the city.

Roy wins first Mayor's Philanthropical Award

The man who gets credit for being the major sponsor for the annual Mayor’s Walk for Charity was lauded by the mayor last week. Dan Roy of Roy Financial Services was presented with the first annual Mayor’s Philanthropical Award.

Local Spotlight

On the move Slowburn is one of those bands that never slows down, onstage or off. And they are just ramping up the energy.
Ballet and martial arts mix

Ballet and martial arts mix

About the only time you see the synchronized grace, beauty and control of ballet and martial arts together is when a touring Chinese acrobatic extravaganza hits town. As the dance season concludes, St, Albert Ballet Academy and St.

Grey wave must lead green, says Suzuki

It's up to seniors to teach today's baby boomers the old ways of conservation to head off an ecological disaster, says a noted scientist.

Gazette tops in industry

The St. Albert Gazette has been recognized both provincially and nationally as the best newspaper in its circulation class.
The Hangover panders to the immature

The Hangover panders to the immature

Make no mistake — this is an adult movie, but don’t call it mature. Also don’t expect a lot of women in the audience.

Rotary honours Douglas Cardinal

There is a lot of celebrating going on because of St. Albert Place’s 25th anniversary, but a local group held a little celebration of its own to honour the man who created it in the first place.