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City supports seniors' club study

The St. Albert Senior Citizens’ Club is taking a major step forward in its plan to create a new multi-use facility.

Farm Focus

Alberta scientists have figured out how to beat stem rot in canola thanks to some help from a mouse.

Climber tells really tall tales to support local charity

The view from the top of Mount Everest is breathtaking but to get there takes your breath in other ways.

Sturgeon braced for growth in 2010, says mayor

Sturgeon County Mayor Don Rigney says after spending the economic downturn catching up and getting its house in order, the county is ready for the recovery he sees on the horizon.

Morton says health care changes coming

The provincial government hasn't given up on health care reforms despite delivering a surprise budget two weeks ago that boosted health spending by 15 per cent, said Finance Minister Ted Morton. Speaking Tuesday just outside St.

Creating a sense of community

Peggy Lynkowski has watched once barren fields in Heritage Lakes sprout into the vibrant, active community she proudly calls home. While building out the neighbourhood has taken years, fostering a sense of community happened from the ground up.

Mortgage changes win over investment expert

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's recent move to tighten mortgage rules won rare praise from investment specialist Angus Watt.

With a little help from your friends

It may shock some young grasshoppers out there to realize there was once a time without video games. Imagination was our game.

Hosting strategy moves forward

A long-delayed strategy to increase the amount of major events in St. Albert has taken another step forward. Council on Monday approved a new vision and guiding principles that will guide city administration as it drafts a new hosting strategy.

Morinville mayor floats specialized municipality

Morinville Mayor Lloyd Bertschi is floating an idea that could cost him and every other mayor in the region their jobs. Bertschi broached the idea last week during a joint council meeting between Morinville and St.