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Human rights bill passes

The controversy over Bill 44 is overblown and will soon be forgotten, said St. Albert MLA Ken Allred after the controversial human rights amendment passed in the Alberta legislature. The bill passed third reading just before 1:30 Tuesday morning.

Residents happier with Servus Place - survey

Servus Credit Union Place has made slight gains in winning over the public, suggests the city's latest community satisfaction survey.

Help needed for Special Olympics

The highly anticipated Special Olympics in St. Albert are just weeks away and the organizers are anxiously asking for the public’s help. Of the 400 opportunities available, approximately 300 are still open.

Local Spotlight

Although the International Children’s Festival is folding its tents for the year, one show is a holdover. The St.

Mayor outlines downtown vision

The downtown of the future could be far different than it is today, according to a 30-point plan laid out by Mayor Nolan Crouse Monday night.
Classic Brits motor again

Classic Brits motor again

You learn to love the seatbelts in Art Rutledge's Lotus Super Seven as soon as he takes a corner in it. The 1960s British sports car, which is barely bigger than he is, almost launches you out of your seat as it whips around turns at top speed.

Community grants announced

City council has approved funding for community capital grant projects, but some last minute changes mean not everyone will get their funding right away.

$12 million to upgrade valley fire service

Bringing fire protection to the Sturgeon Valley would cost almost $12 million according to a report presented to county councillors last week. Sturgeon councillors received the report from Sameng Engineering at their May 26 council meeting.
Seniors get creative at River Ridge

Seniors get creative at River Ridge

The residents at River Ridge Seniors Community know what it’s like to get creative with their free time and learn how to express themselves. They have Reno Guimond to show them the way.

The woman everybody loves to hate

Part of what makes a production successful is somehow catching the right ambiance. And the Lorne Akins’ Drama Club has created just the right mood for its upcoming production of CafĂ© Murder on Wednesday, June 10.