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LETTER: Climate hysteria


Regarding 'Climate change hysteria'  (St. Albert Gazette, Feb. 15, 2020), by Ed McDonald, Sturgeon County.

Ed gives a perfect assessment of the truth behind all this hysteria and false information known as anthropogenic climate change. It seems to me this is the first thing we have to correct in the public’s understanding of climate change and that is we, mankind, have zero or close to it impact on global temperature or storms or floods or earthquakes.

Once the fraud has been recognized, that will remove whatever legitimacy claimed by the anarchists, eco-warriors, politicians' carbon-tax and the activist funding coming from good-intentioned foundations south of the border. Before accepting what mainstream media says about climate change, read sites like Friends of Science or the Clintel Group or other organizations giving an alternative explanation, real science based, for natural occurrences.

Cecil Chabot, St. Albert