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LETTER: Highest standards at Sturgeon Hospital show strength of public health care

I am writing to bring attention to all who are concertned about our public health care system, presently being changed to a private system.

I am writing to bring attention to all who are concerned about our public health care system being presently changed to a private system. From my hospitalization (mid-April 2020) I wish to give  an account of all experiences, good quality care, compassion and treatment received at the Sturgeon Hospital in St. Albert.

As a senior, I was acknowledged and treated as a human being requiring care. In that way, the attention given by all nurses, doctors and kitchen personnel was shown to be dedicated, professional and dignified. From the time I was admitted to the time that I was discharged, at the Emergency unit and Medical unit, all the doctors, nurses, kitchen, laundry and cleaning personnel rushed in and out of rooms, from patient to patient, following all regulations to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

At each shift, they all endured the changing of gowns, gloves, masks, head protectors, sanitizing of hands, disposing of everything into a large basket. They all gave every minute of their knowledge, skills and provided thoughtfulness and kindness to all who were ill. Their bright faces, smiles, truly uplifted the patient. It was amazing to watch how they worked – never stopping – walking the areas and overseeing all to be in good order.

The kitchen staff that brought the food trays also were friendly, pleasant and gave help by raising the bed, moving the table, removing the covers from containers. The food was hot, well-cooked and portioned and correct diet foods were given for each patient's requirements.

The laundry staff were always working diligently to see that the baskets with used gowns, if full, were immediately taken to be washed and a new bag had been placed for use again. Constantly, they refilled the bins with fresh-washed gowns for nurses and doctors to use. They maintained protection from the virus.

The cleaning staff, early every morning were first on shift; bringing water, taking away used glasses, cleaning out garbage, washing the top of the shelf beside the patient's bed – cleaned, washed, sanitized the washrooms; swept, washed floors; brought fresh towels, face cloths for patients, making all clean to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

At this hospital, I noted there are other personnel that provide other valued services. Therefore, from my heart – what I had seen and experienced definitely desires credit to be given to all that I have written of – a 'Thank You' is in place. Compliments (WELL DONE!) for operating and maintaining the Sturgeon Hospital with care of the highest standard.

We should all be thankful for this kind of public health care system and to all those who worked many hours to have this kind of system to exist for everyone's benefit. We need the public health care to not be destroyed, broken and dismantled. Private is for profit: it is uncertain and making most everyone unsecure with it.

Maybe we should give thought before leaping so quickly ahead with it.

Mary Cienkowski, St. Albert