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LETTER: School at home is different than homeschooling


I’m homeschooled and love it. I would like to point out, however, that homeschooling is not the same as pandemic-forced distance learning. Some people might have the impression that homeschooling is being stuck at home without seeing people. But that is called social isolation, not homeschooling. Distance learning is very different than homeschooling. When you homeschool, the parents choose the curriculum, in many cases with help from the student. Homeschooling curriculum is designed for small groups and self driven learning. With distance learning, it’s still the teachers choosing what the student has to learn, and it’s still according to the school’s curriculum. Homeschooling curriculum is designed for studying at home, but distance learning is a replacement for studying at school when it’s not possible to be in the classroom. People who are doing distance learning at home may not enjoy it because they can’t see their friends. Homeschoolers are feeling the same way. The problem is not studying at home; the problem is COVID-19. All the extracurricular and social activities that homeschoolers do are cancelled due to COVID. Studying at home is actually nice, but not being able to go anywhere because of the virus is what makes it unpleasant. No matter what type of schooling we do, I’m sure we’re all really looking forward to the end of this pandemic!

Natália Wieske

St. Albert