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LETTER: Selfish in St. Albert


By definition, St. Albert is a city which is "a permanent and densely occupied place of human settlement."

Therefore, to avoid further annexation, resulting in higher taxes, we must use the finite space within our boundaries productively, and when a developer is willing to build two 26-storey buildings, we must embrace and welcome these efforts.

Consider how the occupants of these towers will contribute to St. Albert. By shopping, volunteering, doing business and by paying taxes, they will support our local economy and ensure that our city thrives. Petitioners agains this project clearly demonstrate that ME is more important than WE.

The needs of all must be considered above the wants of a few. People who are dissatisfied with Riverbank Landing need to consider the advantages of living in Vimy, Legal or Gibbons where serenity will prevail with unobstructed view and low noise levels. Make yourselves happy – move!

Why should people be disallowed the privilege of living in St. Albert because of the petitioners' self-centred and selfish attitudes?

Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life.

L. Stevenson, St. Albert