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LETTER: Stewards of democracy

"Democracy can be fragile and needs attending to."

In the last few years, our provincial and federal governments have made decisions in their short-term interests but are often not likely to support democracy over time.

We accept the concept of stewardship of our environment. The goal is to pass it on, healthy, strong and sustainable, for generations to come.

Stewardship lifts the bar. We should strive to surpass it – above the fray of just a legal framework. Behaviours can be legal yet wrong. Common sense and mutual respect are hard to fit into a legal model.

Democracy can be fragile and needs attending to. When evaluating politicians, we should include the lens of Stewardship of Democracy. Ask yourself, will democracy be strengthened by a specific approach our political leaders are taking?

Just look south of our provincial border to see what can happen when stewardship is lacking.

Glenn Walmsley, St. Albert