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LETTER: Thanks to everyone who puts the needs of others first


In times of crisis like these, two types of people are revealed. Those who give, and those who take.

I remember during the tornado that ripped through this region in '87, many Albertans donated money, clothes and even shelter to the victims of the disaster. There were also those who looted the devastated residences.

In the recent fires in Fort Mac, or the floods in High River, again, many Albertans rose to the challenge, donated generously and united our province. Others made fraudulent claims, looted businesses and charged ridiculous gas prices to those stranded on highways.

Most recently, with the coronavirus, I see my fellow St Albertans risk their own families' health and safety by going to work (grocery store staff, first responders, health care professionals). There are also those who rip hand sanitizer dispensers off hospital walls, hoarding them in their basements. Or some that stockpile essential consumables, only to sell them to desperate buyers on the black market.

I want to thank all of you who are putting the needs of the many over the needs of yourself. I also want to remind the “takers” that Karma is a “female dog”!

Rick Owen, St. Albert