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LETTER: The hurdle facing all of us

"Don't keep dwelling on your worries, so a new life can begin."
What’s the biggest worry, in your life today

Does it bother you at night and is it here to stay

Have you ever had that feeling, deep inside your heart

You’re not sure what to do today and not sure where to start


It’s a common feeling and needs to be addressed

If you let it keep on coming, your mind could get all messed

So get yourself a purpose, or maybe more than one

Sign-up as a helper and go out and find your fun


It surely is that easy, but you really need to act

Muster up the energy and courage to interact

It’s the hurdle facing all of us, each and every day

The hope of inner peace, that will come to us to stay


It really makes a difference, if you make that peace within

Don’t keep dwelling on your worries, so a new life can begin

Your confidence and trust, could build to such a peak

You will treasure every moment and have that life you seek     

Don Hamaliuk, St. Albert