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Red-light camers just another cash grab

The current city council doesn't fail to continue to amaze me with their extremely narrow-minded and naïve strategic decisions based on staged and flawed results to justify those decisions.

No time for games

Many St. Albertans have reached the general conclusion that our city council is intent on spending us out of house and home. Less clear is what in heaven’s name they are trying to achieve with their plan to declare St.

Braeside plan becomes a reality for residents

I often wonder about the gridlock that ties corporations and governments into ineffective organizations. Perhaps you’ve had the same feeling.

Taxes unfair for condo owners

As a Lacombe Park resident, I wish my taxes had only gone up by the 5.24 per cent average as Lynda Flannery stated in her recent letter. I live in a new condo development and, whereas my current assessment has decreased by 2.

Soldiers didn't deserve insults

On Saturday, the last day of the children’s festival, my friend and I were assisted onto and off the bridge that our army had constructed for our convenience.

St. Albert Place should be preserved


Ban cosmetic pesticides

June 3 is Clean Air Day and June 5 is Environment Day. Wouldn't it be great if the Alberta Government or the cities of St.

Sweeping changes fall short

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative government aren’t going far enough to protect Canadians from pedophiles and sexual offenders released into the community.

History worth preserving

Twenty-five years ago this week, St. Albert Place officially opened to the public in one of the largest parties the city has ever thrown.

St. Albert bowls over cancer

Only a few months ago, an idea was suggested by our son Jaden to hold a Bowl-A-Thon to raise funds to support cancer research. Our son called it “cancer bowling.” His idea was not only welcomed, but embraced by the management at the St.